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i was djsailbeat jesushoes
before i was bananashoes112

remember those times gamerisle diplo and botr remember me
i too will return diplo if i get chance i love diplo and botr

you guys banned me but still love you
botr take your lost child home
bananashoes112 wrote on Lizard Knight's profile.
you and gokalp are so wise compared to awesommeguy and dragon your best jew in clan gokalp is the best turk the rest of them are all unloyal to uos
bananashoes112 wrote on Doomy's profile.
if you want to pray gay away doomy your plan already failed since most people in europe are unbelievers nobody really goes church anymore people denmark are not worth called chrstian soo ;)
if praying is only weapon for europe to keep gay away theneurope h

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