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  1. Doomy

    Metro: Exodus

    I will speak it from a mechanics/gameplay perspective, and not from a story perspective (or lightly touch on it). Maybe just 1 minor spoiler from the first 30min of the game. I mean, not even a spoiler, just heads' up. I played it for 4h, am in the 2nd zone (or the first real zone if you want...
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    Player's Game List

    Strategy : Dawn of War - Dark Crusade : add me Dawn of War - Soulstorm : add me Age of Mythology Titans : add me Civilisation 5 : add me Hack'n'Slash : Diablo 2 : add me Paradox : Europa Universalis 4 : add me Crusader Kings 2 : add me Victoria 2 : add me Hearts of Iron 4 : add me...
  3. Doomy

    Top 1 percent achivements in gaming

    Go to Steam -> Library -> click on a game you want to check out -> View All Achievements -> View global achievements stats Usually the ones you have will be colored and the ones you don't have will be grayed out.
  4. Doomy

    Top 1 percent achivements in gaming

    No? Nobody. Well reviving this via necromancy then. I have quite a few rare / legendary achievements in eu4 and CK2. Posting one in CK2 now.
  5. Doomy

    Next holobunga?

    Next holobunga?
  6. Doomy

    Anno 1800

    Some dude i found was posting shit on youtube.
  7. Doomy

    Anno 1800

    Show me a game where you don't go through the same general motions. Sure, some have more variety than others, and anno is generally a lot more rigid in the way it handles progression, but that's fine. And yes, I do like anno because it's an old man's game. I like nice stuff I can think when...
  8. Doomy

    Anno 1800

    Idk about that @ponasozis . The value of the game is in the fact that it is a relaxing experience. It's meant to be zen. I never played anno for competitive reasons though anno 1404 could accomodate that to a degree.
  9. Doomy

    Anno 1800

    So there's a closed beta going on with anno 1800 Here is a video about it. Put videos here if you find them. I personally like it. I think I'll get it. I also think it's a far better game for coop play. So sort of 2v2v2v2 and that sort of thing rather than 1v1v1v1. Because the "island...
  10. Doomy

    Top 1 percent achivements in gaming

    Post screenshots of rare/epic/legendary achievements you have in steam or on GOG for games you love. You know, the sort of achievements that only a handful of people manage, preferably , top 1%. I'll start with posting one from one of my favorite games: Frostpunk; where I managed to collect...
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    Snow White and the Seven Jews

    RIP Walt Bismarck. Finally banashoes posts something good. Did you get 20 IQ points?
  13. Doomy

    Rate the Song Above You®

    8/10 Good The Cure song. Now it's time to let the Emprah's light shine.
  14. Doomy

    Rate the Song Above You®

    7/10 Reminds me of Nirvana though a lot less clear and more... punk-ish? Idk. Let's meme it up.
  15. Doomy

    Clan Update #3 [New Patreon]

    Maybe a quick checkup should be done to make sure nobody is still keeping their UOS patreon active. I see that UOS is still getting 7$ from 3 patrons. Maybe some DM's of everyone who is/has ever contributed should be made to make sure this isn't the case anymore?
  16. Doomy

    Clan Update #3 [New Patreon]

    Pledged to this one. Removed the old pledge. Something isn't right. It now says 14$ but before I pledged it was 5$ and I pledged 10$. You're missing 1$. Something isn't right with the way Patreon handles these transactions.
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas y'all!
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  19. Doomy

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas.
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