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  1. anden

    World of Draenor

    Hello me and my best Friend have start whit making a map. its place will be ancient Draenor. it will be like LTA but in Draenor and on a huge scale most of the orc clans will have there own player same for the ogre clans and arakkoa will be split to 2 players the outcast and the normal arakkoa...
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    see you. we will miss you and I hope you can come back someday
  3. anden

    I am Back

    I am Back
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    StarWars: The Old Republic

    mines are maxed to but don't remember on what server. the fun thing is having to save on my main bounty hunter almost so much credit I have got to my goal soon I can get a Guild Flagship just need a guild and play for maybe one more year and I can get it. but have not played it for some time...
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    Player's Game List

    Age of Wonders 3 Endless legends Endless Space 2 Starcraft 2 Dawn of War II - Retribution Star Wars Empire at War Heroes of the Storm World of Warcraft
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    [Grand Tournament] War in the Plaguelands Reborn

    hey @TeaCup I want to join your team @Dragon ask Teacup if I can join your team. have played wip for some days now and 8/10 times won (not my fault we lost does other games random guys sadly)
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    Your own Relations

    I am a moron and stupid. there is always Characters in game, movies, or animes we just love and we could have a relation whit we would say yes. so I would like to know if you could have a real relation whit any Character who would it be and yes if you would like to have a harem of Characters who...
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    i care and i can't wait to play wc3

    i care and i can't wait to play wc3
  10. anden

    School of Evil

    even if they are nice to there people doesn't make them good they are evil both of them but I am just saying that there is no rule who say you need to hate everyone and don't care for anyone. as a true villain, you decide who you like or dislike. but you had a nice point and thanks to asking me...
  11. anden

    School of Evil

    well, the answer to my question to you all is easy, a real villain sets a goal and whatever what goal is as long as people will not like it or the way to your goal it will be counted as evil as long as you work for that goal. and to answer what rules villains have that's easy. there is only 1...
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    School of Evil

    For everyone who reads dis and has a good hearth Leave dis thread, I don't want you here. I will teach you all how to be a real Villan or master main or whatever you want to call it, in this thread. but before we start whit the first lesson some I have a question for you. what makes a real...
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    congratulations @dbK

    congratulations @dbK
  14. anden

    Dark times are coming

    no, you shouldn't be worried.:rolleyes: But let's just ask a hypothesis question what sounds like the worst thing to happen to you of dis 3. let some piranas eat your dick. almost boiled to death. or get 2 huge hooks put on your shoulders and let your hand on does 2 for 5-10 seconds.
  15. anden

    Dark times are coming

    ye i know and we have dark men or more like evil men. I don't take any exams any more I have been done whit school and all that shit for ower 2 yers now
  16. anden

    Dark times are coming

    No, I am not leaving the clan. but there are dark times coming. somewhere at the start of the year, the dark times for some people will start. some of you will call it a good time some will try to flee from it but it is coming
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    Andens Hit list

    not my fault that I couldn't join TS. i trayed to join TS but no it would not work i only got error
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    Andens Hit list

    so the whole story behind me wanting revenge is what. we were playing a game of broken alliances and @KoreanGamer @Garfield @phantomsnake @CaptainToni and Anders did all attack my 3 bases and not show any mercy Phantom did even ally a random instead of me. just to kill me and what was the...
  19. anden

    would love to have your help

    would love to have your help
  20. anden

    my revange list on clan members: Enclop, Toni, Phantom, Garfield and Anders i will be coming for...

    my revange list on clan members: Enclop, Toni, Phantom, Garfield and Anders i will be coming for you revange is best served cold