1. Hawk

    Clan Update #3 [New Patreon]

    Hiya everyone! Just a short announcement, but a important one! We had some troubles with the permission of the last Patreon we had, so we had to shut it down for a few weeks. But we have launched the new one. So anyone that wants to help us keep the clan gears running, feel free to visit the...
  2. Hawk

    Clan Update #2 [Site, Teamspeak and Patreon Update]

    An important update for the clan and this community. I have spoke with the staff and we think its time for everyone to be briefed in on the current situation with the financial issues we are currently having as a community. The issue arised in March of 2018, when the first bill to Kelthar (our...
  3. Hawk

    Clan Update #1 [Enclop, Chieftainship & Donations]

    Now that we have that out of the way. I'd like to apologize in my name and the staffs name for keeping you all in the dark. Yes, we are having some problems, nothing too complicated, its just limiting us on continuing our way towardsd a bigger and better gaming community. As you may know our...
  4. Lord_Admiral

    8th April 2017 - Europa Universalis IV "Mandate of Heaven"

    Hey, we all know that on 6th April, Paradox is going to release a new expansion for our beloved EU - Mandate of Heaven. It'll mainly focus on Asia and the Chinese Throne, thus I've thought of starting a clan multiplayer. It'll start on 4 CEST and go on for less than 4 hours. We'll have more...
  5. Maciekkub

    RP clan game gg

    AoC? Anything? Let's just meet someday, and play soemthing gg I'd offer you a date of: 09/01.2016 About 6pm