1. Hawk

    Clan Update #3 [New Patreon]

    Hiya everyone! Just a short announcement, but a important one! We had some troubles with the permission of the last Patreon we had, so we had to shut it down for a few weeks. But we have launched the new one. So anyone that wants to help us keep the clan gears running, feel free to visit the...
  2. Hawk

    Clan Update #1 [Enclop, Chieftainship & Donations]

    Now that we have that out of the way. I'd like to apologize in my name and the staffs name for keeping you all in the dark. Yes, we are having some problems, nothing too complicated, its just limiting us on continuing our way towardsd a bigger and better gaming community. As you may know our...
  3. Ske

    Donate! You know you want to!

    Dear Warclave Maintaining a community such as Warclave is expensive. There are economic considerations such a Teamspeak server, domain registration, website server, but there are also other expenses such as the time-consuming processes managing a community includes. Many of the key figures of...