[AoE like] Age of humanity

(copied from the old forum)
Yop, i'm back with a new minor projet !
It's a reboot of all Aoe and EE(empire earth) in a warcraft 3 map
I tried to do simple mechanics but very complete and dynamic.
Each ages you can choose different bonuses that give also tech-tree improvements, so 2 players in late game can have completely different units !
For now there are only 7 ages (From -50 000 BC to 1850 AD) but i plan to go to the future age in later updates. There are a strict minimum of different unit type (infantry, spear lines, cavalry etc...) with clear efficiences and drawbacks.
The map is translated and ready to play, but it's a prototype with only 8 players.
The map : http://www.epicwar.com/maps/262802/
The Age tree (uncompleted) :

Enjoy !
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(copied from old forum, you've probably read it but still for the other peeps)

Yeah, we've played it with the clan, few things we wanted to be improved (wich will likely will be since its still a prototype of the map), i guess the auto gather will be implented ? when you're done with a berry bush the villagers stand still, more players ? (12 if possible) i guess you'll improve that aspect aswell, then the repairing, i think its quite OP, i was attackign a fort with 4-5 trebuchets and my enemy just repaired it in 3 seconds with like 7-8 villagers, GREAT music btw but sometimes the standard wc3 music mixes in making it quite annoying to listen to, so if you could somehow remove the standard wc3 music
, nonetheless great map in my eyes, great potential
New update
☼Added the VII age (with 4 branch)
☼Balance/debug as usual
☼New features not balanced yet (will need some patchs to be cleared)

► Steam Age branch (Victorian/Industrial)

►Fantastic branch (Gold/Dark)
Don't worry about the map, it still in development.
☼Age VIII with 4 different paths : Tech, Steampunk, Dark fantasy and white fantasy
☼Priests on temples (conversion + heal) over ages
☼12 players terrain
☼Market, university, senate
It may be released in less than 2 weeks.
New release 0.1.2 Prototype
☼8th age added with 5 branches (Oil age Capitalist/comunist, Amethyst age (dark fantasy), diamond age (good fantasy), Steampunk)
☼The player's color is displayed in age passing messages.
☼Leader board scores debugged.
☼Some balancing of older ages

Expect some hotfixes soon, i didn't tested the map in Bnet yet.
The 8th age gave me a lot of work, so later age may take 1 month each to be add.
There's some news about the map :
- I'm reworking (once again) the terrain completely with a way bigger map (480² instead of 256²)
- Spawns will be pure random (not like the sh!ty warcraft vanilla that spawn everybody in the same corner)
- Wood will be slower
- The Age IX (uranium age) is not yet finished. I need also to create new specific ways, so it may takes the whole month.
Great Mediterranean Update
☼ The Terrain is way bigger
☼ Siege is more effective against buildings
☼ Buildings (exept forts) have no longer armor (turtling is nerfed)
☼ Additional Forums can be build start to the age II, but you can only build one by one.
☼ You start with 4 towers; 4 workers spawn around the forum + a canine scout
☼ Canine scout added (fast scout with no attack, upgrades by itself while passing ages)
☼ Paladins aren't longer available at the age VI if you take the tech path
☼ Tanks are more expensive
☼ Some Models are changed
☼ Some ressource are now more balanced and they are gathered 33% slower
☼ Fishing ship throws nets to fish (projectile animation)
☼ Bombers can make themselves invincible for few seconds (to break easier defenses)
☼ There are 18 full random spawns (instead of a all-packed-in-a-corner setting)
☼ The food limit is configured in function of the number of in game players -> 350 - (15*players)
► 1-3 players : 300
► 4 players : 295
► 5 players : 280
► 6 players : 265
► 7 players : 250
► 8 players : 235
► 9 players : 220
► 10 players : 205
► 11 players : 190
► 12 players : 175
☼ When a player dies/leave/give up the limit is raised by 15
☼ Docks can be build a bit further from water

That's all for now, i keep testing and working on the map from time on time, the 9th age isn't finished yet.
'hope you'll enjoy !
Strategic traits update
☼ Added 8 strategic traits
☼ You can research 1 trait every 2 ages start to the age III
☼ Each give bonuses/maluses
► Offensive trait
Bonuses :
- Infantry +10% HP
- Cavalry/tank +15% speed
- Production buildings +20% HP

Maluses :
- Other Buildings except Walls -15%HP
- Walls -20% HP
► Defensive trait
Bonuses :
- Buildings +30% HP
- Infantry/cavalery +1 Armor
- Skirmisher +20% HP

Maluses :
- Current life of all organic units halfed until they regenerate.
- Current Granaries immediate -100 mana
- Current Oil platform immediate -300 mana
► Economic trait
Bonuses :
- Workers and fishing ship double HP
- Worker and fishing ship gather rate (except for wood) +15%
- Granaries +10% mana

Maluses :
- All new-trained organic units start with -10% of life until they regenerate.
☼ Some model changes
☼ Preparation for the 9th age (some files aren't enough finished to be playable)
► Honor trait
Bonuses :
- Dead units have 20% of chance to resurrect with 10% HP left
- +1 Melee damage for all units.
- +1 armor for all units

Maluses :
- All units move 10% slower
- Tower -4 damage, -10% HP
► Naval trait
Bonuses :
- All ships +1 armor, +10%hp, +1 damage (no changes for the gather rate), 10% faster attack/movement, +75 range
- Docks/oil platform double HP
- Dock get a anti-ship attack
- Dock get a slight ground attack
- Oil platform +100 mana, +200 instant mana

Maluses :
- Granaries -70% HP
- Cavalry -1 damage
► Colonial trait
Bonuses :
- Forum, fortifications and houses build 2x faster
- Towers attack 25% faster
- Ressources spawn at your civilisation builder

Maluses :
- Workers -20% movement speed
- Workers -15% hp
- Walls -10% hp
- Forums -20% hp
- Houses -50% hp
► Science trait
Bonuses :
- Ranged infantry (Age IV and further) +2 damage
- Buildings +1 armor +12% hp
- Tower range +150
- Researches (except age upgrades) 80% faster

Maluses :
- All buildings lost 25% of their total HP until they are repaired
- All new building start with 10% less life
► Nomad trait
Bonuses :
- Food cannot go lower than 150
- Cavalry/vehicles attack 15% faster, moves 20% faster
- Deers spawn periodically at your Civilization builder

Maluses :
- All houses and granaries are destroyed (you can rebuild them after)
- Houses -75% hp
- Forum -40% hp
+ some balances as usual
Update 1.3.8 : More diversity, overall balance.

Content :

Added the Duelist for the powder age (VI) (x1.5 weaker and cheaper than a Champion, but run faster). Auto-upgrade to the Royal guard at the Steam age (VII). Disapears at the Oil Age (VIII)
Added the Pistol Marksman : an equivalent of the Crossbowman (they die both in a 1v1) at the Powder age (VI). It have more DPS but have less life, armor and range. Used to test the balance. It upgrade to the Musketeer like the Crossbowman.
Added the Rock Thrower (Bronze Age III), a medium siege machine effective against infantry because of the large splash damage (very first balistas throws Stones in history, and later arrows). Upgrades to the balista (Steel age V) and Bronze canon (Steam age VII).
Added the Anti-tank gun for the Oil age (VIII), a light artillery unit very effective against cavalry and tanks, available to both Steampunk and Modern paths.
Added the Trench mortar, a smaller equivalent for the missing bronze canon at the Oil age (VIII), available to both Steampunk and Modern paths.
Added the Dragon, a powerful siege unit for the Fantasy path at the age VII. Heavy armor. Countered by air units (it cannot target air), wizards and anti-tank units. Faster attack against buildings.
Preparation for the Uranium age (IX), not playable yet.

Main balances for units :
☼ The ram is now available for all branches starting to the Bronze age (III). Same for the Heavy Ram at the Steel age (V)
☼ Pierce do a bit less damage against light armor and sword infantry have more HP, because the mass-ranged tactic make infantry too useless.
☼ Barracks, archery range, Stables are now smaller.
☼ Archery ranges auto-upgrade to Modern barracks instead of Airfields.
☼ Reduced the building armor bonus and the damage bonus for ranged units to 1 in the science trait. The immediate effect is lowered at 20% of all building's life.
☼ Granaries can be replanted (it cost 200 wood to fill up all the mana of a Granary) instead of the auto-destruction
☼ Siege ships have 400 more range
☼ Forums give 5 of food instead of 12
☼ Less range for wizards

Map balance/other details :
☼ More ressources everywhere. Especially gold, stone and berry bushes.
☼ Less gold each gold chunks, but more stone.
☼ More trees to fill some too wide spaces.
☼ 3 more player spot in Africa
☼ New river at Turkey (a small one) for realism. Mountains are more rough.
☼ Added sand in deserts and coasts
☼ The age timer is reworked :
----- Age II : 10mn instead of 6, it cost now 3000 gold
----- Age III : 20mn instead of 12, it cost now 5000 gold
----- Age IV : 30mn instead of 20, it cost now 6000 gold
----- Age V : 38mn instead of 28, no price change
----- Age VI : 46 instead of 35, no price change
----- Age VII : 54mn instead of 40, no price change
----- Age VIII : 70mn instead of 45, no price change
----- Age IX : will be at 80mn, it'll cost 15000 gold

Things i plan to add (they may be altered when i'll finally finish the age IX) :

► Mercenary camp for each geographic zones (Europe, Africa, Asia, Orient, and later America for the powder age VI and later)
► Improved diplomacy
► "RP" setup (with pre-made scenarios and limited ages, may be heavy and just for fun)
► Hero-like units (Generals, politicians etc...) but at the very last
► Politic customisation
► Civilisations bonuses in function of the geographical player spawn (with maybe some choices)
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☼ Traits greatly balanced and available every 3 ages instead of 2
☼ Ages bonuses that give troops are persistent for later ages, but less effective
☼ When a player give up or leave, all his units/buildings are no longer neutral, they are deleted instead.
☼ Swordsmen have more HP and more damage against buildings
☼ Africa is less wide and have less player spawns
☼ Workers attack 5x slower but 5x stronger (does not change the gather rate)
☼ Gathering wood and metal is a bit more faster
☼ Greece start with more metal and gold mines
☼ Forts and Castles give 20 of food
☼ Armor/damage types balanced. Added the Mounted type (horse archers/light vehicles)
☼ Walls have 3 upgrades, starting to Bronze (Iron, Steam and Oil).
☼ Large bug fixes (for example, the bug when someone cannot go to the age VII)
☼ Docks take more space
☼ Preparation for the 9th age. Finished at 50% not yet playable
☼ Command for admin player to create barbarian camps.
☼ Overall balance as usual
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Some news here :
☼0.1.4 released with 9th age for Tech branch, large model changes, musics, skins, terrain rework, age timer removed, Economical upgrades, Scout tower that upgrade to AA tower, Helicopters...
☼ I'll add Light cavalry, War Elephant, Elephant archer, Priests, more upgrades.
☼ University, senate are planned, but not yet fully designed
☼ Sometime it crash when someone pass an age. It may have some leaks but I've difficult to find them and more to fix them.
☼ 9th age for all paths !
☼ Light cavalry, war elephant, elephant archer, priests, generals added
☼ Walls for copper age added
☼ Religion trait (bonus for priests) and Liberty trait (worker and footmen movement speed bonus) added
☼ Models, textures and musics added
☼ Ages more expensive from the age VI
☼ Turkey and central Europe reworked
☼ Great metal mines added (each worker get 0.2 gold and wood per second)
☼ Big amount of optimization (the map have 100 times less chances to crash)
☼ Balance a debug as usual !

Next one will be about interface and generals upgrades.