Background Change (Community Pick)


The Shadow
Tech Admin
Hello everyone,

I believe it is time for a background change to fresh things up, especially with the passing of winter and I thought why not let you all choose which one, making a contest among the community.
  • How it's done:
- Everyone picks an image, post it in this thread and it will be added to the poll, which will be created when the entry time is over. Entry time is 5 days. (Until 18th of March, with that specific day included in full)
- When the poll is created, everyone may vote on their favorite one and the winner, well, it will be designated as our background.
  • Rules:
- Only one image per person. You can change it as many times as you want until the entry time is over. After which, you will be unable to change it anymore, so choose wisely.
- In the poll, you may vote on no more than 1 picture.
- NO POLL RIGGING. Anyone found out to be part of it will be disqualified in an instant, with no way of re-entering.
NOTE: Anyone else on the outside, that chooses not to participate and is found out to rig in favor of someone else, will be sanctioned.
- No troll picks. Entering the contest with a troll pick (i.e. d**k pic, anime, unrelated content), will not be taken under consideration.
  • Guidelines in choosing:
- Try to find a more neutral background.
- Keep it simple. As you can see, the background does not cover a much area and a sophisticated one will lose it's value pointlessly.
- Here is the current background in full. Only the middle part is being set:
- The image must be at least 1280x720, otherwise it will be too small to be used.
- I make call to your common sense and integrity, so we create togheter a beautiful place.

As always, cheers everyone. Keep being awesome ^^


The Mighty Dragon
Game Admin
Actually looks good, LizardKnight, inspires me to show up a theme with a big hall, with candles.
I looked at that picture on my laptop's tn low res screen and I didn't understand why anyone would like that picture. Then I went to my Dad's place and looked at the picture through his tv screen and it looked quite spectacular even I have to admit. The sun vibrated out and really looked good. It is an interesting perspective for Lordaeron stormwind for sure. Albeit a much more grim dark version (on my laptop).


The Shadow
Tech Admin
Don't think I would have not posted a picture as well ^^


Also, the entry time is now over. Sad to see only 2 people interested besides me. The poll will be created tomorrow so stay tuned :)