Battle For Lordaeron v1.00


Battle For Lordaeron v1.00
Greetings, I'm releasing a map I worked on for a time but had to stop as I got busier. I wanted to finish it before releasing it, but I don't think I'll have time to do that anytime soon. So here is what has been done so far.

The terrain is similar to LTA's but only playable on the northern part of the map, northrend not included.
Main Gameplay Mechanics :
  1. Towns replace CPs, most towns start neutral hostile and will spawn their garrison when attacked; they function as towers.
    Once you defeat the garrison and the town's HP reaches 0, its ownership transfers to the player with 25% HP. These defeated towns cannot attack, spawn garrison nor do they give income. When repaired, they become active again.
  2. Players do not choose their starting location, it is randomized.
  3. There are no spellcaster units in the game.
  4. Units have morale represented by their mana bar, killing enemy units grants morale and armor, loosing units reduces your morale and armor. If the morale of a unit reaches 100% it gains a buff.
  5. All units have a small invisibility detection radius.
  6. Heroes have basic abilities that cost no mana. They have 2 auras that can be leveled up, one for armor and one for damage. Items can be purchased from the Arcane Sanctum for various utility abilities that cost mana.
The map currently supports 3 main modes :
  1. 2 Teams of 3 people.
  2. 2 Teams of 4 people.
  3. Free For All with 6 players.
Free For All with 8 players is possible but not recommended as some players will be at a disadvantage.
Terrain :
Islands, Northrend and the Southern parts of the map aren't playable as I didn't have the time to finish them.
There are 8 starting cities :
Silvermoon, Zul'aman, Tyr's hand, Stratholme, Jintha'alor, Stromgarde, Gilneas, Lordaeron.
If there are 8 players, each will get a city.
If there are 6 players, the players controlling Tyr's hand and Stratholme will also start with Jintha'alor or Stromgarde.
Screenshots of the terrain available here :
The Silvermoon Starting Zone :

The Zul'Aman Starting Zone :

The Tyrs Hand and Startholme (non-allied) Starting Zone :

The Jintha'alor and Stromgarde Starting Zones :

The Gilneas Starting Zone :

The Lordaeron Starting Zone :
Potential Balance Issues :
  1. I expect Gilneas specifically to have an advantage, originally, there is supposed to be a player at Alterac or Dalaran (most likely the former), but I don't have the time for that at the moment. Nor does it fit the current game modes, I will add some changes as I get more feedback.
  2. It is a bit hard to judge the effect the items and heroes will have, those will also be adjusted over time.
  3. Income can later be adjusted, currently, the main towns give 100, the others give 35 or 25 depending on their importance. (The Sunwell and Light's hope Chapel give no income)
I expect there will be plenty of bugs in this original version, please report them in this thread