Behold! The Faction Remover...uhh Feature?

You know your in the strange part of the mapping universe when the need arises to create a function that removes a Faction from an unused or Leaver slot. If you’ve played Total War you likely know about the Faction Swap system and the Faction Selector mode that allows you to pick factions in the beginning. The situation arises where Factions have been picked by players who have left the game and are (or were) at that point inaccessible. I knew something like this would be needed it was just a matter of figuring out exactly how I wanted to do it and the 24 player mode actually gave ironing out this feature a little more priority.

The options were more or less to either allow swapping into the leaver faction or create a separate function that solved the problem. For various reasons I chose the later.

In addition to not tangling the Faction Remove in with the Faction Swap triggers I also created a separate triggers for each Faction in the Faction Selector mode. Before If/then conditions meant the difference between swapping a faction in game and allowing to select a faction at the start. Now with Faction Swapping and Faction Selecting being 2 separate triggers it should eliminate any of the problems we were previously experiencing with some people not getting their heroes. This also will making the Faction Selecting easier to edit/more responsive to decision making in the future. For example, this did allow me to already make it so selecting a faction does not use up your Purity of Essence, allowing you to faction swap much earlier in faction selector games.