Chinese member (Enclop) takes control in hostile takeover of UoS

Game Admin
Neither did you guys manage to give me 50 pepes for Tehfebeb's safety, but I have also not slain the ginger in my time as leader.

While this happened, the chinaman AKA Enclop has become the new Chieftain of UoS and leader of the community.​

--- In honor of Chieftain, 2017 - 2017+1 ---

The frog is dead for now, and may he rest in peace and walk in the halls of Froghalla, with his fellow warriors who fought in the great Monkeyman War.
He passes on his mantle of power to:

the German-born-Korean-genetic-British-wannabe-Chinese member: Enclop

However, there are REEEEs of his return...

TL;DR: We have reached full cycle, Enclop is Chieftain until he himself says otherwise, listen to him now, not me.
Also give me positive ratings pls not neutral ones like roleplayer kthx.