Clan Update #2 [Site, Teamspeak and Patreon Update]


The White Wolf
As a BotR member I switch between hopping on the UoS teamspeak and the BotR teamspeak interchangibly, and by now the two groups are soon intertwined anyway. Each clan has shrunk a lot since their inception and the two communities would be better off if they merged back. Cheaper and more convenient for those of us who have no problem discarding their 2015 drama memes and join together in anticipation of Reforged

Plenty of active BotR members I almost NEVER interact with compared to UoS members so I don't see why this is a problem
and no u cant compare this to being a filthy eurocrat in favor of a European superstate, fire at me boys
Heh, this quote will be even more funny in a week or so. ;)