=[Custom Macro Melee]=[THE WAR OF WORLDS]=

From the dark sides of the universe, dimensional rifts come back and forth. The balance was kept until these became larger and larger. Worlds started to connect together more and more often the time was passing. Multiple war cries emerge from each of every separate universe, which would become one. The greatest war of the history just started, and you are one of these warlords ready to fight to thrive during this harsh time, to defend your home word ... or simply dominate all beings !!!

Now commander, destroy your foes, forge alliances, steal other worlds's knowledge, exalt the might of your legacy, and finally be triumphant of what it'll be called... The war of Worlds

N.B : Everything in red is not yet added or finished, but greatly planned in the future.

☼ History
---This map was original made for fun (and worlds were originally just types of toys lel) but years after years it became what it is today. The very first true version of the war of worlds had only 4 worlds (Heroic fantasy, Steampunk, Modern and Atlant) and very slow, unbalanced and confusing gameplay. This was for 8 players only and it was just something I like to see. The PDR clan (rest in peace) was the very first players of it. Even if they laugh their ass off it bad mechanics, they liked the concept and helped me out to grant me feedbacks. It was in 2014. I added next the primitive world (it was monstrously OP, far more than today), and next the Insectoid world, and then the Greek world, and then the spirit world, and then the SciFi world, and then the oriental hybrid world.

---I also added an ally/war system, portal mechanics, free spawn picking, advanced attack/armor types, changed 5 times the whole terrain and here we are !​

☼ Gameplay
There's the different aspects of the map :
Worlds : Up to 10, these completely different tech trees allow you to explore very numerous strategies of each. They have strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities.

Portal : At the start of the game, you can pick anywhere to spawn with your wisp. Once your portal built, pick a world. Then, you get starting units and buildings to be ready (10 workers, 2 income/food building, a barrack, a town hall and sometime a tower). The portal is quite weak and useless, until you upgrade it with your resources. More the portal is upgraded, more it have HP, HP regeneration, income, food, gold limit and more important abilities (bring additional resources, heal the portal, bring reinforcements, attack command, vision and finally unlock the ultimate unit). Once destroyed, you get a second portal with a more advanced tech tree and you no longer get it abilities or powers while destroyed.

Statistics : Damage is divided in 5 types : Melee, Ranged, Anti-mass (effective against light, less against heavy), anti-armor (effective against heavy, less against light) and siege (effective against buildings, less against anything else). Medium units mostly reduce by 5 any damage, and Heavy 10 (anti-armor often have hight damage but low rate of attack).

Reboot : Why re-host a new game when you can reboot one while in game ? The admin player can launch a new round when he judge if it's good. Everything is deleted, all resources resurrect, and let's go ! (N.B : you cannot pick the same world).

Resources : Materials is gathered from trees and rocks, wealth is automatically given by income buildings such as farms, portals, control points, outposts etc.... Someone with a strong economy is very dangerous. Having 80 workers on wood and 5000 of income is quite common ! The gold is limited by stockpile to avoid too heavy late games.

Control points : They may be disabled by the host at the start of the game (of a new round if there's a reboot), but once enabled you will be able to capture them by destroying it. They give additional income, food and gold limit : useful to get some extra coins when your base no longer have enough space ! However, count more on your income buildings than CP (Control Points), because these are just some bonus to your economy. You can upgrade them to Outposts that increase greatly the income, food and gold limit plus being a strong defence building able to take back most of early rushes. Their strength is increased by upgrades in the portal in function of it's level (later outposts upgrades need the same portal tier)

► Ultimate unit : Each world have their ultimate unit (The God for the mythological world, The last hope for Modern world -a heavy flying carrier-, a giant matriarch for insetcoids etc...)

► Neutral-hostile world : Imagine a metalic lifeform, ready to consume worlds. They would appear in mid and late game killjoy to seriously shake the game. If they are destroyed, all players won !

► Tech stealing : You can steal the knowledge of an existing world in the game. Once stolen, you can access to unique upgrades and strong hybrid units ! There's many possible combinations (Fantasy-modern, fantasy-insectoid, atlant-Sci-fi etc etc...)

----------------[Under construction]----------------​
Some news here :
☼ Moar units, buildings and abilities for each worlds
☼ Terrain rework (smaller)
☼ Separate land for each players planned
☼ Moar Models
☼ Moar skins
☼ Huge optimization
Welp, let's update. The latest at the moment i speak is the 1.3 Alpha 29.

☼ Each worlds are now separated. Creeps camps keeps players from rushing too early (they may be easily defeated with a mid-game army). There's a portal in every top-right corner of each of these.
☼ There's periodically connections between picked worlds. More the time pass, more connections occurs until all worlds are permanently connected.
☼ Two players for each worlds. If a second one pick a world, the pop cap will be split between these two. If one of them leaves, the other one inherits everything he had, plus raising back the pop cap to normal.
☼ More content for each worlds : units, buildings, techs, abilities. Some units reworked to balance the counters between worlds.
☼ New icons, models and skins.
☼ Map updated for 20 players (2 for each worlds). All 25 color codes available, interface improvement.
☼ Ultimate units disabled for the moment (i'll add them again when the rest is stable), same for old portals.

Check out the showcase for more informations ^^
Moar news :
☼ Units warps progressively instead of instantly (though quickly). They are supposed to deal damage to enemy units near it but it don't seems to work...
☼ Voice acting announces main events : Worlds connected, closed, invaders etc...
☼ icons of connected worlds are displayed instead of colored numbers.
☼ Lot of optimization, again.
☼ Bunch of details : balance, new icons/models, interface tweaking.
☼ Large ressources (stones, crystals...) can be selected to see the remaining content.
☼ Unused worlds are cleared, therefore less lags in small lobbies.

Things that might come soon or later (no particular order) :
► Diplomacy affected by worlds connection (you can interact only with connected worlds; you can't see your ally if you are disconnected).
► Control points gameplay option. They affect the income rate instead of increasing it (a world fully controlled gives 100% of income)
► Mother World as a passive hero, leveling up and learning specific abilities for your world.
► IA 11th world that attacks everyone past a certain amount of time, as a optional gamemode.