So I basically had this idea of a map where it focuses on the human kingdoms of the North EK and only humans.

The map would utilize a unique Alliance Power and War Power system.
  • Alliance Power starts at 0 and is gained through making positives towards one certain House or faction. If it reaches 50 you can form a political alliance.
  • War Power starts at 100 and is lost through making negatives towards one certain House or faction. If it reaches 0 you are able to declare war on another House.
The map would be spawn based and feature 24 unique playable factions. They would be as following.

House Menethil
House Barov
House Fordring
House Abbendis
House Garithos
House Rivendare
The Church of Light
House Redpath

House Perenholde
House Falconcrest
The Royal Army
House of Ravenholt

House Greymane
House Crowley
House Silverlaine
House Godfrey


House Trollbane
League of Arathor
House Blackmoore

House Proudmoore
House Waycrest
House Stormsong
House Ashvane

Each House would have limited holdings, with each main leader (Proudmoore, Trollbane, Greymane, Perenholde,Menethil, and Dalaran) having more holdings than most and starting with 50 AP and 10 WP with certain neighbors.

The map would have heavy focus on diplomacy and politics with many methods of forming unions between Houses and nations. An example of two Nations joining up would be like Jaina marrying Arthas forming a poltical union between all Kul Tiran and Lordaeron houses. Increasing AP by 10 and 15 to Proudmoore and Menethil. AP can be used to increase warriors health, increase masonry on defenses or form unions between nations.

War would also be an emphasis as nations like Alterac and Gilneas are mistrusted among nations and all Houses within the nations having 25 WP to start off with. You can spend WP to invest in defenses(Buildings), warriors (Spawned) or weaponry (Upgrades).

Now like in real life nations can have rebellion if a minor house, Barov for example reaches 100 WP and has at least 2 allies or puppets they can declare war on the major house in this case being Menethil and their subordinates. Other nations if they support the rebellion will have to spend WP to finance the rebellion lowering their AP with House Menethil and their subjects.

This is just something I wanted to do! If any of you experienced editors would like to help me PM me on discord or Warclave!


The Shadow
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Well, I'd love to see this project come to life.

Hope dies last.