EU4 MP 3rd (Sunday) March Sign ups! 7PM CET


The Mighty Dragon
Game Admin
You can pick anything below 150 dev, No Austria & Brandenburg & Teutonic & Poland ( This includes vassal's dev too )

Sign ups:
AriusSunKing -- Cologne
SpamPolice - Lubeck
LordAdmiral - Sirhind
Dragon -- Genoa
@diadon2 -- Pope
@Style72 -- Byzantine
Midconflict - Malacca
MaceMaul - Theodoro
Mesis - Irish minor
Manetho - Holland
TheGreenBottle - Aztecs
voodoo_chile - Orissa

Rules :
  1. Player relations

  2. Player alliances: players have two player alliance slots, an alliance with a player who is a great power counts as 1.5 (one and a half slots). Completing influence or diplomatic ideas will increase the alliance slot limit by 1, you can have max 3 slots.

  1. Enforcing peace, intervening in war: players can only enforce peace if they have at least half a player alliance slot (0.5 slots free) and can only enforce peace if the defender agrees to it. Intervening in a war via Great Power interaction is banned.

2.Player subjects: playing as a subject of another player vassal, tributary or colonial nation is not allowed.

3.Guarantees: guaranteeing a player costs 0.5 alliance slot.

4.Wars and peace deals

-Separate peace: it is not allowed to take land, return cores or release nations from a player who is a non-cobelligerent in a war unless he is one of the attackers, in that case you can take up 50% warscore of land. If a defender is made a cobeligerent you can take up to 75% warscore of land. It is not allowed to take any land from a player through an AI war, the only exception is a separate peace with the player if he’s made a cobeligerent where the same rule applies as if the war leader was a player (you can take up to 75%)

- It is not allowed to take land in two peace deals from any players in the same war. Players who are not war leaders are only allowed to take ducats in peace deals (demanding subsidies is not allowed).

-Condottieri: sending condottieri is only allowed at 1x of the cost, players are not allowed to later in any way return the ducats they received for the condottieri via subs or gifts.

-Mid war alliance: allying players and calling them in during a war is allowed up to a year since the start of the war, you’re allowed to call people you were allied with before the war started at any time (if for some reason your alliance broke during the war reallying them is considered a mid war alliance).

-If a player is losing a war with -99% war score he must accept a 100% peace deal.

-It is not allowed to stab hit for a province or take a province in a peace deal which isn’t occupied.

-Exploits and untolerated behaviour

-Any use of exploits or bugs is subject to in game punishment or may result in a kick from the game. If you are unsure whether a something is an exploit or not ask Midconflict or voodoo.

-Nation ruining is not allowed, GMs have the final word on what is considered nation ruining. Nation ruining can include but is not limited to:

-Releasing vassals before leaving the nation.
-Dev bombing and selling out provinces, or selling provinces with no real gain in return, and selling provinces to other players when leaving the nation or before releasing a nation to play with.
-Taking loans, corruption to pay off other countries’ debts.
-Salty truce-breaking.
-No suicide wars, attacking a player to suicide your nation and weaken the player before abandoning your nation.
-Playing as a de facto vassal of another player without going after the best interest of your nation.
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Had to log in..
Now How Dare You Dragon abandon the holy crusade against the definitely not OP OttoBlob.
You will be remembered for this betrayal, the pope will come for you!


The Mighty Dragon
Game Admin
Continuation is going to be held in either Sunday or Saturday, as soon as I verify with MidConflict, Please all attend, same time.

Game results so far:




Americas :


About the images, Midconflict could not take players map mode in time to send it to me to show them here, but I made sure to follow through all that came, they are all listed in.

Lastly, Those who wish to join, can still do so, We haven't progressed much and there are still a lot of nations to pick.
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