Feature your Forum Game!


The White Wolf
As you know we have the Home page slider where we feature random threads/news and most importantly for this thread, forum games!


If you'd like your forum game to be featured so you may fill up your game faster and alert everyone to it, you only need to:
  • Provide an image, either a link or upload the image to the message you are sending.
  • Make a neatly made and formated thread, this includes the title and the post. Good example is the one you see in theslider right nowby @CazDawg, so date/time and name of the map should be in the title.

When finished either PM one of our current gamemasters, @Johannhest or @CazDawg and they will feature it and put it in the calendar, if they are not available don't be shy to forward it to one of the staff on the site! ^.^

EDIT BY DBK: An update is required as things have changed. CazDawg is no longer a gamemaster. Also, with my current promotion to Super Moderator, I am taking this job upon myself. I promise I'll do it good and fast. Cheers
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