Hop in and Join Draupne's Grand Ship (LTA)


The Mighty Dragon
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as the link directs, become part of Draupne's crew and support the ship AKA LTA, Make it great again under Captain Draupne's command.

The ship must always move and so, we must always support the ship and follow the commands of our Captain, to the death.

A crew member should voice his opinion, ideas and report any leak(bug) that the ship is having, the ship must always be 100%, no less, or gulag awaits those who failed the ship.

Last, Draupne, the Captain of the ship, needs help at all times to make the Grand Ship Great Again, go as far as to annoy him to support the ship, the ship is all that matters, Let it be the greatest ship the world has ever seen.

Rum given to all, so no worries!

There will be enemies that will seek to steal the ship or sink it down, Alas, we will stand strong and vigilant and overcome any obstacle we face, for the grand ship, for draupne!

Ahoy fellow crew, Part of the crew, part of the ship!
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