i dont like piers morgan but for once i agree with him on Tommy Robinson


Tommy Robinson is like any other fat racist cunt

if you look at tv is it always the fat people who says outrages racist stuff trump the other weird fat i forgot his name many other

why because there get builed by there own kind so the only way there

can earn self respect is being racist

proof being fat is like being cancer it needs to be roooted out

did i remmeber to tyell you guys hes faty like hes really fattyy fat fat

a big belly dancing belly rubing belly belly man ´with more belly

and alot more daanicng https://www.youtube.com/watch?


saying that all of muslim want is dead to others is joke

miniorty of muslim are racist most muslim fucking welcomed aasian who converted to islam alot of people now in middle east are mixed with asian compared to european in middle east there love chings chongs