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Since the death of our beloved LTA (r.i.p) many of us have used the opportunity to find a new place to satisfy our pvp bloodlust.
So we have begun playing League of Legends and made an UoS club. These days we play every evening.

If you are completely new to league, then do not worry, many of us are! (is this dota?). So hurry up, sign up, and step up!

Here are some milestones for your new League career:
Level 0-3: Bot games only
Level 3+: 5v5 pvp games unlocked
Level 7+: 3v3 pvp games unlocked (this is dank!)
Level 30+: Ranked games unlocked

We play on the server EUW and it's important that you pick the same one!
If you need an invite to the club and hang out with the rest of the UoS scumbags fellows, then you can add "Dragedrengen" on EUW and i will get you an invite!

Looking forward to seeing you! GG WP!

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Good Goyim
You can also add 'Tehfebeb' guys

LTA is truly dead, its time for new memes and at least this game fills in 1-2 minutes :-D

Also 3v3 is supreme any 5v5 fags can get the fuck out of this thread eks dee


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Wtf LTA rly ded? Lmfao, that's cute

Anyway, I moved my main account to EuNE. Tho still have a lvl 30 account on west. Or had if it didn't vanish

But right now I went to Starcraft 2 and forgot about LoL

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Watch this video, pick Darius and you will become diamond a month. I used to do this win before illusion spamming in LTA. The abuse skills had to come from somewhere KeK