Lordaeron : The Aftermath v1.53b changelog

Balance Changes


Frostwolf Riders' Hit point increased from 1000 to 1200. Armor increased from 5 to 6.
Monsoon's range increased from 900 to 1100.
Shaman's lightning shield replaced with chain purge. (dispels a unit and jumps to dispel another target if available, up to 8 targets)
Shaman's purge replaced by earthbind.
Earthen Elementalists' now have Abolish, Elemental of earth, Ancestral Spirit in both ethereal and real form.
Tauren no longer requires Thrall.

The gateway to deepholm spells' required channeling time reduced from 30 to 10 seconds.
Upon destroying Blackwing Lair, the horde now gains a base an army and 350 gold/lumber reward.
Spirit Guides' banish is now a secondary ability, cooldown incraesed from 10 to 30.
Spirit Guides' second spell is now "Summon Frostwolf"
Spirit Guides now have purge instead of Earth Bind.
Kodo Riders are no longer replaced with Tribal Nomads upon going spirit horde.


Naxxramas can now be attacked by flying units.
Ghouls' hit points increased from 595 to 750.
Ghouls' base attack cooldown against trees increased from 1.35 to 1.8
Banshee's Possession casting time reduced from 3/2.5 to 2.5/2.1 seconds.
Banshee's anti-magic shell is once again autocastable, spell damage blocked reduce from 350 to 250 and mana cost reduced from 75 to 50.
Unholy blades' cooldown and duration increased by 2, mana cost increased by 3, damage increased by 5. (causes more slow attacks to land without reducing the number of spawned skeletons)


Arcane Elementals now have normal damage instead of piercing, they now use the piercing damage upgrade instead of the gunpowder upgrade. (if not sure why, the aim here is to let dalaran take CP easily, but the change to normal makes them weaker to melee, so the upgrade by magic instead of gunpowder should offset that)
Pulverize on Arcane Constructs' damage increased from 20 to 40.

Blood Elves

The Sunwell's resurrection range reduce from 15000 to 5000 (its range now ends at silvermoon)
Changes to searing arrow reverted to their original values.

Necrosh's summon battlemasters now only summons 1 battlemaster for 20/40/60/80 seconds. It was too strong for CP sniping.


Siege Engines now require either Ironforge, or Having gone DI path. (instead of being forced to defend IF as DI to keep them)
Dark Iron path can now be triggered from both Ironforge and Shadowforge.


Steam tanks' range increased from 600 to 700.

All factions

Damage done by dispel on summoned units increased from 150 to 200.
Hit points of summoned units increased by 50%
Ensnare's duration on heroes increased from 0.5 to 0.7

The Burning Legion

Astral Walk's casting time reduced from 3 to 2.5 seconds.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Fallen hero benefiting from armor upgrades.
Fixed a bug where Falstad's death message gets sent repeatedly.
Pulverize on Taurens' damage was not reduced in the previous version despite the changelog saying it was, it is still 60.
I am joking about the change to Necrosh.

Previous version changes :
LTA 1.53
Fixed Mephistroth Spawning Behind the Apex gate, he now spawns in front of it.
Fixed Mass Shielding not showing any graphical effect.
Fixed a pathing issue in Aerie peak.
Fixed Dwarven Bear Riders still being limited.
Fixed Covenant ranger not benefiting from Longbow Craftsmanship.
Fixed Siege engines having less than 32 collision size.
Fixed Siege engines being limited to 6.
Fixed Possess' tooltip not stating that the dreadlord is lost when the ability is cast.
Fixed Skeletal Frenzy using the same "hotkey" (actually spell ID) as Summon Flesh Golem on liches.
Fixed Sylvanas' face with uther's warhammer
Fixed Dalaran Constructs still being limited.
Fixed Legion units spawning in Alterac when northrend portal is opened and vice versa.
Fixed Various heroes becoming owned by players who activate events where all passive units in an area change ownership.
Fixed a bug where the legion Doomguards spawn at the wrong portal.
Changed the mechanic of event triggered level ups to fix power shards appearing in the plaguelands.
Fixed various tooltips.

Balance :
Siege Engine : full damage AOE reduced from 120 to 25. Medium damage AOE decreased from 200 to 125. Medium damage now deals 45% of the damage instead of 35%.
Dwarven Bear Riders' HP reduced by 100.
Dwarven Warrior's damage reduced by 3.
Gryphon's chain lightning number of targets reduced from 6 to 5.
Range of siege engines in siege mode reduced from 1400 to 1300.
Siege engines now require Ironforge.
Banshee's Possession's mana cost reduced to 250 and cast time from 3.2/2.7 to 3/2.5 seconds.
Black Spider's damage reduced to 17-20 and upgrades with 4 instead of 5.
Forsaken Archer's damage increase per upgrade increased from 3 to 4.
Damage done by normal attacks against fortified increased from 75% to 85%.
All towers' armor increased by 2.
Siege Golems, Flesh Golems' armor increased by 1.5
Flesh Golem : Base attack cooldown increased from 1.35 to 1.6
Ballista's attack cooldown increased from 3 to 3.4
Blood Elven Swordsman's Hit points increased from 700 to 750
Astral Walk now has 3 seconds cast time.
Transport Ships' hit points reduced from 750 to 600.
Worgen's hit point regeneration increased from 10 to 15 and works both in night and day.
Dire Wolves hit point regeneration increased from 5 to 10.
Movement speed of all siege units increased by 30. (Fel Horde's siege units get a 15 movement speed increase.)
Removed some of the units that were added to DH at the start of the game.
More Spirit Towers added to Icecrown.
CP Hit point regeneration further reduced.

Misc :
Single player content : It is now possible to change the CP hit point regeneration to that of 10/20/30/40 minutes into the game by typing -cp1, -cp2, -cp3 and -cp4 respectively.

Lordaeron TA v1.53a
Fixed Magtheridon becoming hostile and invulnerable when he dies
Fixed CPs of non-activated events becoming vulnerable
Fixed a case where dalaran could go both worgen and new dalaran.
Fixed a case where scourge could obtain both LK and Deathknight Arthas.


Good Goyim
Listen svnms making raider more tanky isnt going to help

the new siege damage is horrible. Chance it back to an attack that is meant for combat


Game Admin
Make it so Dwarves keep at least one siege unit when he loses Ironforge, like it was before is best, with mortars.

I guess this is to make more Dwarf players stay south than what the current meta is like(?)

Adding even more punishment to Dwarves for losing their capital isnt going to make them fight a unbalanced fight any more than before.
People dont go north because they dont care about Ironforge not being a good base, its one of the fucking best in the game.
Large HP gate, unique towers, cancer chokes with a faction that has plenty of siege and range.

They go north because it is more beneficial EXP-wise (as you fight much more in Lordaeron than in a 2-3 player fight (yellow, brown and sometimes green) down south) and gold-wise (securing Gilneas for you and your allies gives you a huge boost to lumber, events and CPs).

Right now the only interesting part in staying south for Dwarves is to get a meme demi-heri who is tanky af, but he can be obtained by just dropping there with Skybreaker anyways, and its not worth fighting Brown who might have Orange as backup-help when you finally push just so you can get 2 gryphons and a bash-demi.

Fight in north:
Completely kill pink and his capital.
Secure Gilneas Lumber.
Save Purple.
Together with purple save any other alliance who plans on staying alliance.
Deny blue + grey Lordaeron CPs and events.
Kill DG capital
Eventually kill green because he is shit compared to alliance unit composition.

Even if you lose a fight (except pink, pink will never win vs Worgen with Dwarf behind them), you just use Gilneas economy to rebuild.

Fight in south:
  1. Lose to Brown, then hide in Ironforge with 1 CP and 0 lumber, basically playing poke-wars with browns catapults, wow, such fun mechanics I love camping.
  2. Win against brown, push him completely out (brown noob), and either kill him fast or have a 50/50 chance of OJ TPing in with basically same units as you + better ones (infernals, riders that are bear warriors but better etc.) The moment OJ TPs in you lose unless he sucks.
If you win against brown you might not have allies left in the north, and now you gotta prepare to fight Teal / OJ alone.

There is a lot of "if"s with going south / north, but TL;DR: North, help allies, more gold and exp. South, unbalanced fight, boring gameplay, camp to win etc.

I can see that Dwarves should make a choice to have 4 units vs helping his allies, but let him have at least 1 siege unit. If both LB and red betrays then yellow+purple have 0 siege, while everyone else in the game has it.

TL;DR: Make it more rewarding for Yellow to win in south, not more punishing to lose, to make players stay south. Right now its a lose -> camp meta if you stay south, while in north you secure economy, allies and more, easier EXP than in south
Very good points you made.
I'll give you a bit of my view point as well.

There are 2 factions that I want to stay south :

  1. Horde also gets to choose between staying south and going north, to attempt fixing them, I gave them more rewards when staying south. More lumber and a large reward for taking blackwing lair, and just general buffs.
  2. Dwarves however got nerfed in the previous version, and they get punished for leaving south.

The reason for this is that Horde needed a buff while the Broken Alliance needs a nerf, you have said it yourself, by going north, you gain a ton of benefits. If I make benefits south that are as good as those in north (if that is even possible) to make dwarves stay, I would need to buff dwarves immeasurably, they already have a ton of lumber in Ironforge, adding things like more gold/lumber event gold for taking places south isn't going to be enough to make them stay, and any more than that would make them broken since they have 3 other allies to fall back to.
The way to balance the broken alliance is by giving them weak points that cripple them if they don't defend them. The blood elves loosing the Sunwell removes them from the alliance after some time. The silverhand loosing Alexandros removes them from the alliance. Dalaran loosing new dalaran or tree of tal'doren get weaker, but I do not need to nerf those too much because they don't have the choice to leave the alliance. I actually plan on allowing them to become more independent if Alliance players leave.

Dwarves however can go south, sure they loose bear warriors and siege engines, and have to switch to explorers as elites. But loosing 2 units is currently completely worth it if you can make sure you are close to your allies and can assure victories north. The bear warriors aren't even as good as they previously were, make some tests and see for yourself, the dwarven warriors' buff makes them a viable enough melee compared to previously.

Now I can add more benefits to dwarves south, more events or gold/lumber rewards but it is my opinion that without a crippling punishement that simply forces the to go DI or be really weak, they won't stay south.

But let's say my points don't make sense.
Norsk, you are given the possibility to decide on what should the dwarves have as benefits/punishement in order to make them consistently stay south. Write a changelog and I'll implement in the next version. Then if your changes manage to actually give a reason for dwarves to stay south without breaking the game by making the alliance too strong, I'll keep them.
The next version should be up tomorrow or the day after, send me your changelog before that time if possible.

Srdjan Radivojevic

Good for me, i only herosquad xoxo so you can`t do memes and they got nerfed anyway so yeah.. gut boi srki knows meta better than other people, who needs army when ur allies already got it, who needs south when u go herosquad rape zem all in lordy and not lose a thing cuz drop behind a hero and stunlock surround kill him cuz why not..

Oh and if you want people to stay south u should make them get the things devs nerfed in earlier versions etc.. myb get +50 heal on that elitw heal, some hp etc, make magni get his ultimate upgraded if he kills kargath and dragonmaw port+ eat ulduar secrets cuz people tend to use it on thaurisan for dark iron...