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I like Tea
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Hi Lads

Forum game of LTF for:

Date:25/11/2018 (Sunday)
Time: 19:00 Cet

Alliance :
Highborne -Johann
Dalaran -Forest speyer
Dwarfs - Terenas Menethil
Ranger Corps -PhantomSnake
Silverhand - Lord uther
Lordaeron -Hawkr

Evil :
Scourge - Dragon
Burning Legion - Lord ofdead
Dark Horde - Mr truth
Shadow Council -Wax_Simulacra
Cult of the Damned - Teacup
Dragonmaw Clan - Srdjan Radivojevic

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oh put me as a reserve as scourge I forgot that I am going for 24 hours cruising the day before the game. don't know at what time on Sunday I will get back so can't promise if i will be there in time but i will most likely be there


I went off the bus that drives from the boat too home early to get home faster. been standing in over 30 minutes in -9 degrees run as fast as I could to get back home so I could play. when I could not get my spot. because no one understands what I was meaning was if I can't come home in time someone can take my spot but I did come back before the game started because Lordofdead had something he needed to do. really fun been. if did know that was going to happen I would har reader stayed on that fucking buss. not need to be stressed as hell by the time and stand outside in the cold for 30 minutes and paid for a fucking train ticket.
before anyone starts writing anything I am not mad at anyone. I just feel angry but not on anyone not mad on the dragon and I hope the game was fun for you all. just need to say dis was not really fun.


I like Tea
Game Admin
Sorry Anden, misunderstanding mate. tbh game was really one sided you never missed much

Next time ill make sure we get you in