Metro: Exodus


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Anyone tried? interested? Opinion!

I myself am looking through walkthroughs of Youtubers (theRadBrad) and am loving it, looks like a very good game imo, probs will get it, But what say you?!


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I will speak it from a mechanics/gameplay perspective, and not from a story perspective (or lightly touch on it). Maybe just 1 minor spoiler from the first 30min of the game. I mean, not even a spoiler, just heads' up.

I played it for 4h, am in the 2nd zone (or the first real zone if you want to call it that) and if you want me to sum it up neatly, it's basically what Witcher 2 was in comparison to Witcher 1.

Metro 1 and 2 are basically the same game with pimped up graphics.
Metro 3 is almost the same game with more pimped up graphics, cutscenes, story and side characters.

Metro 1 and 2 had some sideline character development.
Metro 3 has a tonne of side character development. I mean holy shit, all the characters you meet are very well crafted.

Metro 1 and 2 had a few cutscenes that you couldn't skip.
Metro 3 has a lot of them. I mean a lot.

Metro 1 and 2 didn't have any annoying QTE stuff to move. So if you could go somewhere, you could by using crouching or jumping or whatever.
Metro 3 is chuck full of areas/zones/places you crawl thru (which you enter by holding E), to sneak into, etc. Every action you make in metro (by using the E key) takes a bit to load up (like <1s to hold) and has "weight" to it. If you understand what I mean.

Metro 1 and 2 had good gunplay.
Metro 3 has excellent gunplay. Even with monsters.

Metro 1 and 2 had a silent protagonist.
Metro 3 has a silent protagonist.

Basically, it's witcher 2. A lot more story/polish shit/stuff. It's not longer obscure game made by ukrainians to eastern european standards, fueled by russian vodka. It's worldwide known game, acclaimed game, made by ukrainians to american standards fueled by ukrainian vodka (bcz of the whole Crimea thing, I imagine there is no more russian vodka).

And by standards I don't mean "quality" standards. I mean "requirements" standards.

Due to this however, I feel like the game takes a longer time to completely get going. Hell, it feels like only after 4h are you in control of your game and character. Maybe even not so much. Idk. The other games "dropped" you into the full control of your character and the actions you could take a lot faster. Here, out of 4h, I think about half was cutscenes or listening to dialog (which is excelent) and maybe another 1h spent on going to places to get dialog and cutscenes. Only 1h was spent on the actual surviving part. Which is what Metro 1 and 2 did better at this stage in the game. Metro 1 especially made it so you could really fucking die in the first 20min of game.

Remember how metro 1 starts? In 10min you are fighting a Last Man Standing arena.
Remember how metro 2 starts? Yeah. In 10min you are fighting. Less brutal than 1, but still.
How does this start? Sure you fight in 10min, but you're not going to die. You almost die, but it's planned. And yes, it's because of a custcene. This is the only "spoiler". The game is more "talk" focused and less "combat" focused, at least so far. I imagine that as areas open up, the thing will get more focused. But the dialogue is amazing, the characters are great and it doesn't feel like it's a chore to listen to them talk. It's great story and great storytelling.

Would recommend. Will return later on with more opinions.