[Minor Tournament] Heroes of the Storm


The White Wolf
Heya everyone, as promised we are back with more Tournaments! For now as we are still sorting our finances this will be a Minor Tournament, instead of a Grand one. What does this mean?! Well it means it will mostly be in-clan tournament 2-3 teams from UoS and a team from TNO or SF might join in. Also there will be no prizes! Except being able to call yourself THE BEST HOTS PLAYER EVER. And what else do you really need? Oh and permanent @donator rank on our site for the winning team.

Rules & Info:
  • Teams are comprised of 5 players.
  • Each Team will have a Team Captain which represents them.
  • If you wish to participate, either post here or PM on Discord.
  • The tournament will consist of (probably) only one rooster of teams, in which after everyone had one fought everyone, the first two teams with most points will pass to Finals.
  • Each fight is a Best of 3, and the finale is Best of 5.
  • The fights are Custom Game -> Tournament Draft.
  • Map pool: Alterac Pass, Battlefield of Eternity, Braxis Holdout, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire, Infernal Shrines, Sky Temple, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Towers of Doom and Volskaya Foundry.
  • Each match will begin with an initial Battleground selection process. One team will be chosen at random to start the process, and will begin by banning one battleground. The other team will then ban one battleground. This process will repeat until 3 maps remain these 3 maps WILL be the map pool for the series. The first map picked from there is the first map to be played in the series.
  • The team that goes first with map banning will be second in hero banning (aka Hero Draft phase).
  • The Matches if not viewed by one of designated referees will need to be saved and sent to me via Discord.
My discord: Hawkr#2713
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