Mount & Blade Warband


damm i thougt warband is dead everyone waitng for bannerlord 2

while i myelf play single player time for time

most played mutplayer it now napoleion one and then warband then vikings

while fire and sword and blood and gold carribean is dead

and the original carribwean

and the zombie dlc for blood and gold carribean

and im not talking about mods if with mods i then warband is more popular then napoleion

also napoelon has best clan and best orginazed nice games

but if you want random fun download roman mod or star wars mod

but i personally still think single player is way to gooo

but everytime i play nowedays i think hours of hours on these games whebn bannerlord is coming is soon

but then i remember i got no other games to play

and bannerlord is proberly coming 2091