murat gassiev vs usyk i thought was one of the best boxing fight this year


murat gassiev i believed was the best boxer of this era who would win the cruiserweight tourmenant and i think cruswerwiehgt is best boxing weight

2 is middle weight

i also thouhht that murat gassiev would give alot of heavy weight problems he would match up well against povetkin

kutrev pulev and tony bellew

also i think he could destroy top cruiserweight like marco huck and krzysztof glowacki and Mairis Briedis easily

but hes toughest fight would be usyk because alot of people think usyk is just high output fighter with no power

but i dont agree i think usyk has power and boxing skills

while gassiev only had ggg power but no fast hand and high output like usyk

i forgot to mention he lost to usyk and lost 50 million prize and muhammad ali prize but dont worry 50 millions is not that much money...............



i feel murat would be more aggreisve with his punches and more in killer mode he would had won if your not mental ready you cant win

boxing is all mental tranning good form comes 2