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my own WoW guilds

Discussion in 'Pub' started by anden, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. anden

    By:andenAug 28, 2018
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    Dec 28, 2015
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    hello, guys now when I can play wow again I got the idea of creating one horde and alliance guild. if you feel up to it join.
    the guilds will be on 2 different realms and be made by my main alliance and main horde.

    in the guilds, there will be at list one guild contest every year where you will win a big price dis years price. the contest will be the same day every year on December 31

    The horde guild: Silvermoon
    Leaders: lvl 120 Jebali
    name: Troll Empire, Trolls of the Horde(if not that name works don't know why it shouldn't no other guild whit the name)
    the main rule must be a troll as a race.

    The alliance guild: Wildhammer
    Leaders: lvl 120 Losnok
    name: Round Table Knights
    yes I will allow dwarfs in the guild even if I hate them

    the price dis year will be one free pick mounts from the blizzard shop for the horde.
    the alliance is you get 3 picks of pets from the blizzard shop.
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