my wow Characters


my wow Characters have there own made lore I made up if I like them. normally I start to like them between 40-60 if i don't like them I delete them. so I was wondering do some of your wow Characters have on made lore you have come up whit and what its name, here is my wow characters whit there own lore and in that order it was they was made.

1. Losnok a human boy birth in Stormwind, his dad and mom were merchants who traveled between all of the eastern kingdoms while their son was left in Stormwind. but when the plage started his parents dies in Lordaeron. so after he got frowned out on the streets of Stormwind he needed to survive alone. and the only things he was good at was using a sling shooter. so he had it hard sometimes he did walk a whole day whit out even getting an old bread to eat. he was living near the sewers close to Old town, just a stone shot away from where he used to live so he could great he parents getting home from there trip. after sometimes he finds a little rat that was hurt and he helped the rat to get better after that time he and that rat was friends he started to call him Gus. Losnok use send in Gus into the tavern in Stormwind sometimes so he could fake kill him and get a piece of bread. after 5 years of doing their little trick, he was taken for the little trick by the tavern keepers wife but she did feel sorry for him so she did adopt him. his adoptive father did not like that he had a house rat as a pet but if guys did stay way from the kitchen it was no problems. he even got the chance to learn some archery by some hunter who came time to time to the taverna for a free mug of ale. after 15 years Losnok was 21 and he wanted to adventure out and find out what did happen to he really parents. when he did leave the city for the first time of his life he when into the woods and there he finds a wolf who had been stuck to a trap so he did realize the wolf and gave him some meat and water. the wolf started to follow Losnok around and they become friends so he started to call him Alpha. after that Losnok finds a huge interest whit hunting rare animals and tame them so they won't dir out. and what he good skill whit a bow it was easy, but first he needed to go to Northshire he had ear some rumors about his parents coming from there. when he came there he met a priest who said he was a survivor of Lordaeron and he had seen his Parents getting the sickness of the plague and turn to undead. from that on the Adventurer, Losnok knows he was going to fight to help other people and make sure nothing like that happened to other children.

2. Jebali is a Zandalari troll whos perents when to Zul'Aman to teach out the voodoo of the Zandalari. when he came there he did meat the Amani trolls leader zul'jin and while his parents were teaching he was following Zul'jin around and was teach how to fight by some of his best fighters. Jebali was fast starting to look up at Zul'jin and seeing him as a role model. after 14 years there at the Amani his parents when to join the horde for they belived that Vol'jin could unite the trolls and make the troll Empire again. the same Empire he had heard so much from Zul'jin about. when they did arrive and meat Vol'jin Jebali did not like him. he did not think he could make the troll Empire rise he was too kind-hearted to do that. Zul'jin had told him that for the Empire to rise they need to fight for there rights and for the Empires land that was once there. but Vol'jin did not want that. so Jebali decided that he will be champion of the horde so he can find strong trolls from the Horde and sides sid the horde to tray make the Troll Empire rise again.

will add more later going to bad have only my Human Paladin, Dwarven Paladin and Orc Warrior left