New Super Moderator!


The White Wolf
A big welcome to our new Super Moderator, the one and only @dbK. He will be handling most forum business from now on, in which we wish him they very best luck and glad to have you on our Staff. I'll pass the thread to you if you want to edit in a few words here @dbK since you can do that now.

Also a big thanks for all the participation and sending us your applications, as you know we are still in need of a Game Master, so the application sign-up will probably be a monthly thing until we find the right person for the job! So don't forget to participate in the community and give your share of love to the members and you might be the next Game Master. :)

dbK: First time I do this, it's already fun. Thank you for having me and I hope I will not fail anyone, will do my best. Oh, and I think I am the 'front line' now, hah, keep up the positive energy guys!
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