Official Move to Discord


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Hello folks,

I am announcing that we are moving to discord officially. I know we all have preferences for what voice channel we use but as chieftain I have thought about it, and I am just doing what will make it easier for me to maintain and help the activity for the clan. I am not going to force anyone to leave the TeamSpeak server and anyone is still free to use it but please do join me and help UoS continue meming together for our 3rd anniversary.

Important Notices for Discord

1. The link to discord is on the homepage for forum

2. Ranks and channels will removed, added and edited overall to help discord become more cohesive and easier to use, to help promote activity. We are adding a RANK CALLED UoS REGULAR. This is a rank for people who regularly play with the clan (everyone can have inactive periods but are consistent over time such as garfield, killer or qwerty. If you disagree with them please feel free to say so in a calm manner. I will be removing/adding people in that rank over time so don't be hasty.

3. We need EVERYONE'S help so whenever you have time don't play games on your own. TAG PEOPLE to play games with whether its wc3 or pubg or a paradox game. If you just want to have a chat join a voice channel.

4. This leads nicely to my last point. There is a new LOOKING-FOR-GAME CHANNEL. When we are playing together it can get messy and discord does not have a poke system. SO PLEASE when you are playing in a group or alone, use this channel to POST THE GAMENAMES, or TAG people you want to play with or to call them for games.

Notifications annoying? You can set discord so that you only receive messages in the looking-for-game channel. so this way you only get notified of game names instead of being flooded with message notofications. If you need help finding settings PM or message me on discord.

Hope to see you all on discord whether it is to listen to killer rant, norsk make weird sounds or someone having an mental meltdown.
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Whats up with the resisting pubes who just cant accept that discord is supreme in every way possible over teamspeak

Hell teamspeak event costs money its absolutely retarded that this is even a topic of discussion