Oi m8 its Looky

Hey fellas

I used to play under the handle "lookyourbacktr" long time ago on eurobattlenet. Still have fond memories of the good old The Silverhand Order / Knights of the Silverhand and Garena times. Got addicted to w3 because of the countless games and chatting. After Garena got banged lost the connection with the peeps until now.

Currently planning on getting my masters degree and gaming in the free time. Mostly on WoW and some Town of Salem. Haven't played w3 in a long time but hopefully soon™

add me on bnet if you're up to some HotS or WoW : Looky #2831
on steam : eboladispenser

shit thats it I guess


Clean your room
Oy vey it's loocky, aka lookyourbacktr.

What are you getting ur masters in? Feminist studies?