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Discord can be run in your browser, but I highly recommend that you install the app!
Latest version can always be downloaded here

Why Join Discord?
Discord is the main place where we gather and notify each other if we are playing a game. It makes it easier for you to get notified, as we can ping you the game name rather than chase you down individually on battle.net or steam.

AFK/Other stuff
If you are playing other games or doing whatever you may, then it is a good habit to be online on discord. You can use the busy status. This makes it easier for people to leave a message for you and also gives you quick access to games when you return.

Reluctant To Talk
Remember you do not have to speak on discord. Some people turn their mics off or prefer to listen to music. We still very much value your company and encourage you to join anyway.

Discord pings 101 - (Similar to a teamspeak poke!)
You can ping a single or multiple players with the @<PlayerName> command.
Most games should be announced using the @here command. It will ping every member who is currently not busy.
At specific times the @everyone command can be used to notify EVERYONE, despite what they are doing.

We are here to help
If you experience any trouble installing and connecting to discord, don't hesitate to contact me or any of ths staff members for support.

Also, Teamspeak Address:
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