Possible Eu4 Game, during the week, if people want :)


The Mighty Dragon
Game Admin
This is for whoever can usually play during the week and to meet up to at least 2-3 sessions a week of this.

Make the signs up!
Rules :
-No Ottos
-Every person Picking a GP must have a opponent GP player close to him? (subject to change/modify)
-Only one ally of GP depending on size, 1 ally of minor power depending on size.
--a GP must not ally a GP of close zone (like France+England /Castile/Aragon/Austria/Denmark or England +Castile/Aragon/Denmark), England is allowed to ally Austria, Castile and Aragon and France (obv) are not.

Suggestion: Could make teams or several teams, raise opinions.

Sign up list:

Dragon -- Haven't made my mind yet, am thinking Venice.

Awesomeguy - Castile

Wax -- Some African nation?

Fenris - The Papal States

Paphi - Japan/Inca

voodoo_chile - England?
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