qwerty memes, best memes!


Note: Some of these memes are a bit outdated because of changes over the years.

last ned (2).jpg last ned (1).jpg last ned (3).jpg last ned (4).jpg last ned (5).jpg last ned.jpg meme5.jpg 1q4vjv.jpg Made a couple of UoS/Warcraft 3 memes
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The best one is about Enclop
You need something like "Enclop is in game more than 15 minutes ? Wait a second, he is about to leave"
Lul cloppy the guy the most disrecpectful towards his team, or all the players in general
And something like :
"When Enclop joins a game :
First player : I bet he is going to leave in 5 minutes
Second player : Nah, give him 10
Guess who won ? None, he'd already left the lobby"
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I clicked on this annotation faster than i clicked on a lot of things
Also this might be a lot to ask , but you should do one of the obi wan and general grievous memes , but instead of kenobi it's arthas with the crown and grievous is drek'thar while his light sabers are ensnare and chain lightning and you could also do one with spongebob like "YOu CAn'T wIN OuTLAnd aS TEaL"
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