This thread is only for asking after reviews or put up reviews of books, games or movies.

don't spoil in the review and if you can't make a review whit out spoiling something when putting it in a spoiler.

Spellforce 3.

Spellforce 3 is a fun RTS game whit the mix of RP in it, the story of Spellforce 3 is a really good one where you will have some mind blows in the story it has given you the chance to pick what you want to say and that can impact on good or bad for you, will get the many chances to get you a new side quest or make the battle easier or harder for you, you will get gear to tup on your heroes and there is a postion what makes you reset the skill points for the hero who use it for the reason of it's not like in Spellforce 2 where you pick a class and go for that the gear and weapons depend on the skill points you use on the heroes so you can at the start of the campagin have the main hero as a mage whit a staff and later have him as a melee warrior that use spells, the game has some of the best and beutiful art work of any game I have played. if you would ask me if it's worth paying for the game I would say yes and even more, if you know people you can play whit while you.

I would like to ask for a review of Warhammer total war 1 and 2


Good Goyim
Mein Kampff

It is the story of a failed artist with daddy issues, that comments on the failings of late capitalism (not coined yet in the book) and social democracy

topics discussed in the book are:

the authors backstory, about his parents, childhood and youth
Parlementary system and its flaws
Nature and Race
Philosophy of colonization
and ofc The Jewish question

overall i rate it 9/11


Clean your room
Great initiative.

Frostpunk- video game.

A thrilling survival city sim game set in frostpunk universe. You're forced to make unpopular or less unpopular decisions, balance hope and discontent and guide your people through the frozen hellscape.
It has great atmosphere, great soundtrack, excellent voice acting... really is one of my favorite games this year.

Game Campaign Intro Movie:

And I'm going to also review an audiobook.
How to stop worrying and start living - Dale Carnegie.

Now I listened to the audiobook on audible of this thing and it is pretty good.
If you find yourself overwhelmed or otherwise unable to put a stop to worry, be it for good or bad reason, this book is for you. It is a collection of stories about how people have found solutions to their worrying. Some worries were legitimate, some pointless, but all the same, this book collects all of them and presents them to you so that you can try whichever one works for you.

If you can't sleep at night due to night terrors, this book is for you.
If you can't seem to start doing something because your mind starts concocting worries and fears, this book is for you.
If you see your hair falling off or turning gray, or wish to prevent that, this book is for you.

I really do thing everyone should read/listen to this book at least 1-2 in their lives and decipher what means of putting an end to worry and all the stress and nerves it causes.

This is NOT a hippie book about just 'let things go man'. I would never recommend you a hippie book.
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Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor is about a gondorian ranger whit name Talion, you start in one of the two regions on Shadow of Mordor at the black gate, after you have played the tutorial you and your wife and son will get kill to summon the ring maker and for by mistake you get the ring makers ghost in you who makes you to a grave walker. Shadow of Mordor is an intense melee and ranged combat game whit the nice nemesis system in it. the nemesis system is one of many reasons why my self-love SoM for the reason it makes the uruk captains remember your last encounter whit them even if you have killed some captains they can come bacn but maybe some thing have changed like no hand or no right/left eye and they will remaber what you did, the other good thing whit SoM is the two regions in the game looks so beautiful in the game, if you ask me I am happy I spend does money on the game, the gameplay is good, the story is good but not accurate if you look in lore but it makes up what it's awesome nemesis system in it that makes the captains remaber you and become stronger the longer they are alive or killed but survived

Shadow of War

Shadow of war is after SoM whit a more intense combat system and even more upgraded nemesis system, they have added gear so you can change armor to a different kind and added Uruk tribes that make a lot more changes when you fight captains and they added Olog'hais to the tribes, the gear you have can be upgraded whit doing some requirements and gear show what you need to do to upgrade it. there are a total of 7 tribes and if you buy 2 expansions you get 2 other tribes there are 5 regions you can play in and the regions are bigger when does in SoM.


Clean your room

Tzar: The Burden of the Crown.

This is a one-of-a-kind game that is truly unique from all perspectives. If anyone wants to buy it and play some MP, let me know.
You have 3 factions: SandNiggers, Chinks and MasterRace. All factions are unique. All factions have units that can level up. All factions have mages that get to make all sort of cool magic. I truly recommend it to everyone.