Site Update #14 [wc3maps Affiliaton, Roleplayers, Style]


The White Wolf
I am proud to announce Warhaven (and in turn warlcave and brigandshaven) affiliation with the currently most used site for info on hosted warcraft 3 custom maps,
. Big shout-out to TriggerHappy for openness and friendliness in the affiliation proposal. =)
And hopefully in the future we will be getting more affiliates with big names such as this to promote our community and connect us even closer with the present WC3 scene.

Also big big love and affirmation for our @Abdel which in the last weeks helped the staff by creating the Warhaven Logo. Tell us down below if you guys like it or not! Coincidently he is also the person that did the wc3maps logo you see above. So give him much love cause he earned it!
  • New affiliation: wc3maps
  • Roleplay section created for our friends from Uncrowned. Check it out here if you wish to partake in a bit of the role play they're quite experienced so you are bound to have fun! Also don't forget that they're on Discord too, where the bulk of the RP happens.
  • Patreon and donate button remade, which are also made by @Abdel =)
  • We have updated the background image for the site big shout out to @dbK for organizing everything for it.
  • Two new staff have been added to the forums which are @Ironside & @Brad which will help out around with the growing activity and are the go to guys for the RP that's happening on Warhaven.
  • Don't forget to check out the forum games that are happening right now! HOI4 by @Dragon & HotS by @TeaCup
Activity is spiking up with the arrival of the RP and more constant forum games thanks to the new and old staff for pitching in the past month.
8.3.2019 - 8.4.2019