TFW: 7.5.X-Series Changelog and Discussion Thread


WarCraft: The First War (R) 7.5.1 - now available on MMH as Warcraft First War_7.5.1
by OpGTekcoR
Bug Fixes
Fixed an incorrect damage value for Gaz Soulripper (Necrolyte).

Fixed an incorrect unit type received from two different events.

Fixed an issue with Player 5 (Yellow)’s Forward Operating Base for the Siege of Stormwind.

Fixed an issue with Player 8 (Pink)’s Forward Operating Base for the Black Morass.

Fixed a spawn-related bug for Player 1 (Red).

Full on Fel (Gul’dan – 300 Kill Event) is now available. Upon reaching 300 kills, the Orcish Horde drinks a second round of the Blood of Mannoroth, making them Fel Orcs. All non-hero units receive a boost in health and damage and these new units will begin spawning at the next spawn cycle. Full on Fel is only available in the Ashes of Azeroth game mode.

Tek’rho, the Destroyer of Navies, has taken up residence on the shores of Northern Stranglethorn Vale. Him and his Troll warband have caused havoc on countless human ships, and are preventing The Adamant from sailing south. Within the rocky, jagged coast lies the hulks of ruined ships from which the Horde can create The Blackfist. Both of these ships are powerful battleships/juggernaughts with the capability of carrying heroes.

A War on Two Worlds (Khadgar – 300 Kill Event) is now only available in the Ashes of Azeroth game mode.

After the death of Jin’do the Hexxer, friendly magic users (Clerics, Magi, Shaman, Warlocks, etc) will gain an additional 50 mana and 0.25 mana regeneration. This does not affect heroes.

Northern Stranglethorn Vale has been changed. Grom’gol has been relocated a little further south. Southwatch Garrison has expanded and now has a protected bridge across the river. The southern bridge has also been relocated to be closer to Player 12 (Brown)’s base.

Redridge / Blackrock Mountain changes. Removed Highridge and split the spawns between Lakeshire and Stonewatch Keep. Stonewatch Tower has been moved inside, the Tower of Il’galar has been relocated to the west.

A complete remake of Blackrock Mountain which contains Blackrock Depths and the Molten Core. The dungeon is large and mostly vacant (at this time), except Emperor Dagran and Ragnaros. Player 1 (Red) and Player 10 (Light Blue) both have equal access to this dungeon and may attack each other from each other’s access points.

The Shattered Hand path for Player 6 (Orange) has received a re-work, now starts with a proper single target stun and adjusted abilities accordingly. Replaced Bortusk with Gor’thul, who comes with the Black Morass reinforcements.

Tweaked the introduction. The upgrade, game mode, event centers and now path selection is located in the top-left of the map. In addition, typing -spawns, the players currently active spawns will be pinged.

Reallocated 2 melee spawns for Player 1 (Red) from Skullsplinter Post to Black Tooth Hovel.

Replaced 2 melee Orc spawns in Player 12 (Brown)’s Burning Blade path with 2 Ogre spawns.

Decreased the extra resources from the Lumber Mills from a 20% chance to 10%.

Removed Gnomish Jumper Cables from Player 10 (Light Blue)’s Kingdom of Ironforge path.

Removed Overpowering Light (AOE Damage) from Laurena, back-up from Player 10 (Light Blue)’s Stormwind Reserve hero.

Increased the difficulty of Zanzil the Outcast.

WarCraft: The First War (R) 7.5.0A - now available on MMH as Warcraft First War_7.5.0A


Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where Grillok Darkeye and Valdune Fleshcrafter (Enhanced) versions did not properly transfer levels after completion of the Dark Star Event.

Corrected two issues with the Gurubashi Arena, both allocating the incorrect unit types.

Increased the difficulty of the Dark Star Event by increasing the health of the 4 Dark Star Fragments from 1,000 to 2,000, attack damage from 20 to 40 and increasing the attack speed.

Player 1 (Red) now receives 8 WarChief’s Elite (Blackhand) or 5 Doomhand’s Enforcer, up from 6 WarChief’s Elite or 4 Doomhand’s Enforcer.

Completed the background work for Full on Fel (Gul’dan – 300 Kill Event), this now begins the internal testing phase which is scheduled to last until Rhonin (the player not the terrible Wizard) comes back (now I’m just trolling you).

Adjusted Player 8 (Pink)’s spawn to reflect the removal of Sythegore Arm units in the battle for Stranglethorn Vale.

Upon victory in the Stranglethorn Vale, Player 8 (Pink) now receives an elite contingent of Marine units with each spawn at Llane’s Vantage.

Replaced Arrexis’s ultimate area of effect damage spell with an ultimate area of effect healing spell.

Replaced and swapped around several abilities from Player 7 (Green)’s House of Nobles path, added a touch more area of effect abilities.

Reduced all attack damage of Human melee units, still maintain attack speed superiority over Orcish units.

Reduced all armor of Human militia melee units by 1. Professional Armies (Blue, Pink, Gray at start) maintain their 1 armor superiority over Orcish units.

Increased the damage of Sythegore Arm Riders, Veterans, and Brutes by 5, slight adjustments to the overall health of each unit.

Increased the health of Ogre Warriors from 1,000 to 1,200.

Increased the health of Ogre Magi from 700 to 800.

WarCraft: The First War (R) 7.5.0 - now available on MMH as Warcraft First War_7.5.0

The duration of the Skeleton Lackey from Strike of the Dead (Stormreaver) has been reduced to 6 seconds.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an incorrect armor value (2) for Blackrock Spearmen.

Fixed two bugs with spawning units for Black Morass and Draenor reinforcements for Player 5 (Yellow).

Fixed an issue which prevented ships from regenerating health.

Introduced Thunderlord Clan units into Player 5 (Yellow)’s path. Removed all Sythegore Arm units from both paths, once victory has been obtained and Grom’gol constructed the player will now gain Sythegore Arm units – on top of their respective clan units.

Player 5 (Yellow)’s Forward Operating Base for Stormwind will no longer activate if the battle in Stranglethorn Vale is on-going. The event now needs to be manually triggered from the Event Center once the conditions are met.

Player 8 (Pink)’s Forward Operating Base in Black Morass will no longer activate if the battle in Stranglethorn Vale is on-going. The event now needs to be manually triggered from the Event Center once the conditions are met.

Added second passage into/out of the Black Morass for Lightning’s Point, should fix the issue of newer players getting heroes stuck/trapped.

Reallocated 2 melee units from Player 8 (Pink’s) Blackwater Cove base, 1 melee has been added to Sea’s Castle and Lion’s Might.

Reduced the armor of all Orcish Spearmen from 1 to 0.

Reduced the armor of all Orcish melee units, still maintain better health, overall attack damage superiority over Human melee units.

A bunch of other small changes which are undocumented as this version has sat around since December 25th, 2017. In addition, had to start from scratch on Stormwind changes implemented in 7.4.9 as latest unprotected version was 7.4.4.


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Game Admin
Thought OPG quit as The First War Editor some time ago? Oof good that he is back trying to fix it but lets hope Rhonin stays out of the feedback team this time :^) amirite @Dragon ? ^:)