The Diplocom Project, the Prequel


Hello UoS tards. I've just started my first gaming experience with Xcom and for flair and fun, I've decided to name my soldiers after wc3 members, notably from diplomunion, however after taking heavy losses from the XENO SCUM. It's been realized that I need MORE meat for the grinder.

This is a rallying call for "volunteers on warclave to aid against alien invaders. To freely and proudly enter the ranks. Pls post here, your character will be randomly generated and thrown into

To drive home the IMPORTANCE of the cause, it's been decided to show those who have fallen already.

Necessary song


Here we Hold a Memorial for all of those who have fallen so far, Cuck Dayne from friendly Rocket Fire to the man who is now the most loved soldier in the Barracks. And of course, the proud Nod "Eh" Ehl. A brave soldier on the front, never panicking, always taking enemy fire for her comrades, many will miss her shoulder to lean on. We also commiserate the loss of Cni "Cunt" Per, she brought her nation great pride in her sacrifice. But let us never forget BaneBladeLuv, a hero to many, let us never forget.
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Necessary Song

Here we mourn for the fallen but we will always remember the life of Brother @Hawk

RIP in slavic heaven. The Aliens will rue the day they landed on Earth!!!