The Haunting of Hill House [TV Series Discussion]


The Shadow
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SPOILER ALERT, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Firstly, I will say a few words about it as a whole, without spoiling anything that is going on and after I will share a little more detailed opinion about it and will put it under a spoiler, so if you want to watch it and haven't, just do not open the spoiler :) . Will also encourage anyone that has seen it and wants to spoil, to do so under a spoiler.

Basically what made me watch it is that it had a lot of thumbs up in terms of how scary it is and that it's totally different from anything seen before. I have watched the first episode and couldn't stop myself from watching more. I basically finished it in a 24h period time in 2 days. What I loved about it is that it focuses more on the psychological and the developement of the characters. Had some weird elements added it that made me feel 'meh' or 'wut' but overall I really liked it. There is no information as to wheter there will be a season two (not yet anyway, the premiere was on 12th of October this year), but it is a possibility.

Now I'll leave the trailer here and then the spoiling begins

So I loved about it that there are barely any jumpscares in the show as they never scare me or anything and that thing has been highly overused. As I have said previously I loved the most it taps into the psychological aspect, to see how the events on the Hill House affected the kids years after. One big wtf was the moment when Nellie has forced hanged herself and she became the bent-neck lady that was haunting her. I totally did not expect to see space-time mindfest, as it can go into so many directions. Her later brief explanation at the end in the Red Room did show a very little light to it, but overall I guess that's my biggest downside. Also what the s**t, she basically self made herself nutz.
I just realised I don't know what else to say, I think I only wanted to point out to this thing and that's all. Anyway if anyone actually have seen the show and did check this spoiler, share your opinion ^^

So that's is. I am looking forward for Season 2 if it will ever be made.