The "What would you do when you knew .. were?" Tournament gg


Since I'm getting more and more into this shit I wanted to start something like a tournament.
The tournament would look like this :
Someone gets a theme from me and has one day to write a story/dialog and send it back to me( through the Start a conversation), afterwards I will make a new thread with the included story/dialog from the person and write from whom it was, then in the comment section you can write down the name of the competitor. Who got the most "votes" after some days , is the winner and can do the next themes gg
With this idea, I thought I could bring back more life to this forum, otherwise this here can be a good oppurtunity to increase the creativity in people and also increase of people's opinions on various themes and areas.
The themes can be anything you want, but the participant has to write something logically , it can be unlogically if he/she puts in some facts in the story/dialog. gg
So, who would like to join in ?
I also would like to have feedbacks if there are some flaws or you like this
EDIT: pictures are allowed too
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Sounds like great fun! Count me in! So the purpose is to make the most entertaining story ? Are pictures allowed??