Two More Of Our Sisters Killed By Orcs In morrroco



i think muslim should take insult depends on what kind of orc he means while he dont say it in vidoe i myself can tell you what orc would make more sense

orcks from elder scrolls wouldten make sense he clearly use word ork as negative and word meaning all muslim are savages inbreds who cut heads of for no reason

and elder scroll ork are some of the calmest orks

then we got warcraft got the things about warcraft got there really dirserve you see guy like grom hellscream with alot of temper and zero self control alot of inner rage
and thrall i calm and wise shamman orc who really into mother nature and pressering pre corrupted orks way of life

then we got lord of the rings orks

see because im smart person i can compare muhammad melkor to allah so sauron is prophet and melkor is god all orks/muslim will die for there leader

then we got warhammer orks the one that makes most sense for me allah= gork and mork


warhammer got lives in kind of tribal state like arabs before muhhamad came and when jihad come unite to fight common enemy like gingers worst enemy of all muslim

warhammer orks tribes fight eachohter but when waagh called is like jihad unite like muslim countries there if i would compare orks to muslim i think warhammer orks makes the most sense

but he proberly talks about warcraft orks but then again i dont compare race of people to orks because im not racist person

but i support freedom of speech so i support him


i forgot to menteon orks from heroes of might magic 5-7
because heroes 1 4 is has another lore

so orks from heroes 5-7 in that universer orks were made from crossbreading demons to humans so orks has some human features like launguge carrying weapons culture and so on

also demons features like there got demon blood that makes them savage and agressive and have alot of bloodlust and hunger to fight and killl and love sight of blood

just like demons but the mages who orks did that with idea behind to combat demons


This happened like a month ago Banana
i know that why i didint post it like you or many others wwant like normal boring post and instead trying to make more fun of post

also is less than one month not one month so....

if i had normal boring news post like most others would vidoe link title and

3 words like i hate muslim or i dont think think this makes all muslim evil the end

then i would agree with you :)