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I like Tea
Game Admin
Hi All,

I will not be able to make it for the Cv 5 game today due to personal commitments.

I will make a civ5 game on the proposed date below.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused
Date :- 7st July Sat
Time :- 8 pm Cest <------- Postponed for next Saturday

Format - Vanilla Map (no Mods)
Sub mode - TBD
Teams - TBD
Race - TBD

Players - First come basis people who sign up on forums have priority

1. TeaCup
2. Trash aka Dogchit
3. bananashoes
4. Fenrises
5. Dragon
7. Phantom
8. Enclop
9. Hailstar
10 Pona
11. Garfield

Bec of the the amount of people signed up i will divide the game into two hosts.
(We know civ 5 cant handle more then 5 in a game)

Game 1 - TeaCup host
players TBD

Game 2 - Host TBC
players TBD

Game 3 ?- TBD

(Maybe more, we shall see)

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Tech Admin
You May consider the mod that set a time limit on turns. Some people think foreeeeever
I HIGHLY (can't suggest it more than that but it honestly should be higher than that) suggest the NQmap if not also the NQmod.
Civ is a game filled with issues and imbalance and those 2 if not completely fix than at least aim to balance off every aspect of the game.

also count me in either way, can the game be earlier than 9pm tho?


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im in. i think it would be more fun to have clan 3v3 it will encourage more ppl to work together and talk with each other.

FFA will just lead in a massive saltfest.