W:TW 3.22a Changelog!

3.22 of Warcraft: Total War is now available on makemehost.com and entgaming.net! The 12 player file can be found on both sites while the 24 player is currently found only on ENT.

-Current Files-




Download Link:

ENT Files and Load Codes

Updates for player factions.

-Added the Faction Remover feature to remove a faction from a player who has left the game (3.21 Update).

New Faction Icons

Here is an image of all the heroes icon as seen in the various unit palette.

Game Modes

(3.21 Updates)

-Rewrote Faction Selector Triggers (boring technical stuff but is intended to eliminate people not getting heroes and having to use last chance just to be in the game). There could be some bug with making 35 new triggers.

-Welfare Gold/Tech has been added to 24 Player mode. All players get 20 gold and 3 tech every turn.

-Added Host Controls to easily set up teams of 2,3,4,6,8,12 or FFA. Also added RP stuff for 24 players.

Editor’s Notes: It occured to me that I never made a changelog for 3.21. 3.22 rounded off icons for heroes and did quite a bit of digging to remove obscure bugs. Many Hero abilities had their values adjusted in terms of mana cost and throughput to hold over until I can develop the factions further. Bugfreeness (that’s actually a word) is difficult to measure or quantify but pulling a random number out of nowhere I wanna say the map is 98% stable. I’m sure with a map this size there's always something to find but most of the content has been tested enough that very much of the map seems to be in good working order.
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Lookin good, but I must ask, isn't it better to have a leaver automatically leave his faction? Idk just a thought.
Lookin good, but I must ask, isn't it better to have a leaver automatically leave his faction? Idk just a thought.
I wanted to design to system so in a standard game a player could use his allies heroes and only have them 'taken away' if they lost control of their allies factions capital. Picture your Dwarves and your bestest pals cat knocks over the router at his house and he disconnects in a fight. Instead of using his heroes to try and win the day they are immediately taken away and you are now potentially facing 6 heroes with your 3. This would also give incentive to guard an allies capital if you do want to continue to use their heroes. Or that was my logic at least. :)