Warhaven Teamspeak!


The White Wolf
Exciting news to all members of the community, especially our TeamSpeak users. As our efforts progress in this joint project we have taken the next major step. The Warhaven Teamspeak server! Hosted by none other than us!
The old UoS and BotR servers will both be redirected to the new server, manually or automatically. And both our widgets will now be showing the Warhaven IP:
The major upside of having a joint warhaven teamspeak, except for ease of access to everyone old and new, is that it will be bigger (no more need to kick afkers to make room) and we will have direct control of it! Since we are hosting it on our own server.
So go to those bookmarks add Warhaven as a new server, and join us for a game or two! ^_^
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