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World of Warcraft: Classic comes to Blizzcon 2018

Discussion in 'Pub' started by dbK, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. dbK

    By:dbKOct 9, 2018
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    Dec 28, 2015
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    As the title says, we will get more answers about our beloved WoW Classic at the beginning of November, at Blizzcon.

    Here is the full schedule for this year's Blizzcon here .
    The Classic WoW has a panel entitled 'Restoring History: Creating WoW' . Pretty roleplay name if you ask me.

    Also, one of the devs announced it on a tweet .
    "World of Warcraft Classic is coming to #BlizzCon! Try it at home or at BlizzCon when you buy the Virtual Ticket." The wording makes me think that a portion of the game will be playable at that time, which can be amazing news for the Vanilla fans worldwide, myself included.

    Tell me what do you think about this guys, and what are your expectations for it, if you have any.

    The source of my information: here

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