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Hello everyone,

I sent Dragon the money plus a little extra. I am terribly sorry. My paypal was fucked - I did not know its password. it also kept fucking asking me to use mobile security with my UK number that I did not have anymore). It took me ages to change and I kept procrastinating it. Might not be believable now and looks dodgy as hell but I did not care and would not want to ruin the relationship and my reputation as someone who founded the community over 100 euros.

My Inactivity.

Before I left London I thought I could fit in gaming. But I got sucked into 12 hour work days, company events/socials, football twice a week and then catching up with real life friends. I have been horrible with coping with work stress and it has occupied my full time. I know many have asked me like "Oh why dont you just a game a bit" and its honestly due to my lack of self control. Once i get into warcraft 3 again i will be gaming it every spare minute I can or give up football to game and start recruiting etc and I simply do not have the time.

Additionally, I have spent many many many hours trying to help the clan in a social manner that has drained me a lot. I know I am not tech savvy with forums and discord settings like others but I have dedicated many hours to building relationship with people in the clan and finding new people. its great that other people have stepped up in my absence as I have seen hawk and dbk taking a greater effort. It has been a great blast meeting you all but at the same time I have sacrificed some opportunities in real life that I have not fully taken advantage of and at 21 I wish to fully because I still can. I geuss I cannot change the feeling that many harbour towards me but It would honestly be awesome to go on a good note. Also I am still nostalgic about the times over 20 of us on teamspeak playing together and constantly meeting new people :).

I would love to keep in contact but I struggle to find time to go on forums. (when I am online on discord its because my laptop is on and world of warcraft - I am not playing its 90 procent of times my friend using my account so please dont message me on bnet if wow is on please). I would prefer to keep in contact over UoS facebook group chat or whatsapp group chat.

I will be online tomorrow since I am back home for the weekend.

Glad to see the community still alive and big shoutout to you all.
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Took you quite a while. I guess it matters that you did the right thing in the end.

I think the main problem was you hiding, as in you could just come say hi, X is going on and I also need to take care of Y, not necessarily play. I honestly believe no one had any issues regarding gaming and understand your situation, but you went away, a lot of things changed and we were in a little struggle to fix everything, came back to put an announcement like your are The Undying Highlord of The Realm and went away again, leaving a statement you'll fix it in two week.

Overall, I am just focusing the fact that things are getting fixed and hopefully everyone else will do as well.



no hard feelings here. I had a hard time to even believe that you would fuck us up from the start. I think it's because I think and hope that no many in the clan would take the money and just leave.


Now I get to quote all the fags calling you a traitor trying to lynch you for getting the pitchforks out before the whole story.


To be honest, with all the people trying to contact you on so many different platforms, I don't really care how busy you were. Just taking literally less that 5 min to explain the situation would have made things sooooo much different.

Now I get to quote all the fags calling you a traitor trying to lynch you for getting the pitchforks out before the whole story.
The whole story in this case may be different from what some originally thought, but if you try for atleast 1 month to get in contact with someone that has the clans money, and you get no explanation at all with them, this kind of behaviour is warranted. This is the internet, if Enclop would actually just leave, not come back and keep ignoring everyone, what would have happened with the money that was missing? Now it's good that he actually came back and returned it, but there never was and never is a guarantee that such a thing will happen. We can't just say: "Phew, luckily it was Enclop and that he actually came back this time." Not sustainable, in my opinion.

What Enclop just said was an explanation, not an excuse. I'm sorry, but first taking all the responsibility onto yourself, and then leave without making arrangements for shit to go on is not okay. This kind of community is so unsteady to begin with, since we have no way to actually counter IF donation money actually was stolen. You can have it hard sometimes, and you can be busy as hell sometimes, but you have to sort things out if you are in a leading position. That's just how it is.