Your own Relations


I am a moron and stupid.
there is always Characters in game, movies, or animes we just love and we could have a relation whit we would say yes.
so I would like to know if you could have a real relation whit any Character who would it be and yes if you would like to have a harem of Characters who would they be.

well, I will say that I would love to have a real relation whit Jaina but if I can have a harem of beautiful women's I would have a harem so here is my own harem.
Jain Proudmoore, The Windrunner sisters (before Sylvannas became undead), Tyrande Whisperwind, Rias Gremory, Erza, Arwen, Azshara (before becoming naga)
dis is just a small part of the women Characters I would love to have in my own harem if you would get the chance. the sad part is then the bad week comes and they all whil most likly have it at the same time, that day week would be the last one alive.